About Us

This is a story of two ultimate companions, Melissa Pappas and Kai Pappas, on a mission to share the exquisite craftsmanship of the Maasai women with all of the dog lovers of the world.  Kai and I collars are made by a group of Maasai women in Kenya. Beading is not only part of their culture passed down from generation to generation, but it's also their way of life. These women bead from home while caring for their children and tending to their farms or they gather in groups and bead together. It requires an immense amount of patience for these artisans to create such detailed, wearable pieces of art. Each collar typically takes one day to create. These women hand cut the leather, individually sew each glass bead on, and finish the seams with stitches. They also smelt the brass to create the sturdy brass buckles. Every inch of our collars are truly handmade and engraved with countless decades of tradition; not one detail is overlooked. It’s truly a remarkable process, and we are very happy to be able to share Maasai traditions with you!